Happy New Years 2021

Jan 06, 21
Happy New Years 2021

Happy New Year!

A huge happy new year from us at Awebit Apparel. We hope you are as excited about this new year as we are.

Donations in 2020

First, let's catch you up on the news from the end of 2020. We donated a huge amount to two community groups that do amazing work with Mums and bubs in Victoria. Both St Kilda Mums and Geelong Mums groups received a staggering $4000 each to continue their support of parents and soon to be parents in their areas. We couldn’t have donated that much without you loyal customers, so thank you for your support.

These last donations were a little different to our usual donations. Normally we find families and individuals who need assistance and donate directly to them, rather than donating to charities. Due to Covid restrictions, especially in Victoria, there were so many families in need that we struggled to find just a few to help. This is when we found these two groups, who have their eyes and ears in the community. Between the two groups, they have used this money to assist 400 families who were struggling financially and helped them get back on their feet.

We cannot thank these two groups enough for knowing who needs help. To know that they are in the community and providing support for all families in need is a huge comfort.

Moving into the first donation round of 2021, Awebit will be searching for families of special needs children that need assistance. Supporting families with special needs children is a passion of this company. If you know of anyone who would benefit from this, please contact us at info@awebitapparel.com.

Award nominations

We at Awebit don’t expect recognition, however, it has been an honour to be nominated for not one, but three awards at the end of 2020.

Ausmumpreneur Awards:

These awards are specifically for Mums who make a difference. Those side hustles that have turned into full fledged businesses from the idea at the dinner table, to actual running businesses that are making a difference in the community. There is an incredible strength in the community of Mums that start businesses and it is an honour to be included in this community.

Whitehorse Local Hero Awards:

The City of Whitehorse, Victoria, honours their volunteers each year and Awebit was nominated for a Local Hero Award for our community donations. Once again, it is thanks to you, our loyal customers that our community work is possible. This nomination is for you.

Orias Awards:

The Orias awards are held my Australia Post and it is celebrating businesses that have found new and innovative ways of continuing, especially through what can only be called the craziness of 2020. As an online business, we were fortunate to continue to trade during various lockdown stages, however, many other businesses were not as fortunate. We adapted and proceeded, growing stronger each day as we helped each other through the pandemic. Thank you for the nomination and we look forward to continuing to provide gorgeous clothing for your growing bubs.

 New products

With the new year, comes new products. We are excited to share with you three new products that have been tried and tested, especially for you.

Triangle Bibs

You can never have enough bibs for your baby, and who says they need to be boring? Not only so these bibs come in 22, yes you read that right, 22 varieties, they also come in a set of 5! Each bundle you buy comes with 5 individual patterned bibs within a theme of your choice. They are high quality and perfect for catching dribble, food or other surprises that bub has in store for you. You will not find cuter bibs for the price, only $24.95. Shop bibs here.

Plush Elephants

Mums and Dads, try not to be jealous of your bub if you buy one of these incredibly soft plush elephants. This elephant is the perfect cuddle companion for your little one, coming in a range of colours and two different sizes to choose from, 40cm or 60cm. Elephant will become your baby’s instant best friend. Not only is it the perfect toy pet, but it also doubles as a comfy pillow as your baby grows. Use it in bed, curled up watching a movie or in the car for added comfort and the protection of their favourite toy. Shop elephants here.

Superhero Tees

We as adults are encouraged to dress for the job we want, not the job we have, so why not start early? Help your baby don their super suit, complete with cape with this addition to the wardrobe. Choose from Batman or Superman (or why choose, get both!) and encourage your budding hero to chase adventures every day. Go incognito and easily detach the cape, or rise to the challenge of saving the city and fly into action by buttoning the cape back on. Shop Superhero Tees here.

So, from our team to you, happy shopping!



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