About Us

about us

We are Awebit Apparel, and we’re into special needs awareness and creating opportunities for people who need them. We donate 10% of our earnings to kids and adults who need some extra help because we believe that everyone should have the chance to join in and contribute to the world and enjoy the satisfaction and dignity that provides.

So, that means we are on a quest to show what’s possible when you give people with special needs the chance to shine. And boy, do they shine brightly! Nothing beats the smile of a child or adult who knows they are included and needed – and we are completely hooked on creating more of those gorgeous smiles.

How we started

I’m Kris, I’m Ash’s mum and our family lives in Melbourne, Australia. Ash was the reason I started the business because, as a non-verbal teenager with severe autism, Ash’s options were limited, even though he has so many talents and abilities to offer the world. When I started thinking about what lay ahead for him when he finished school, I became deeply concerned at how limited his choices seemed to be. I thought about Ash’s friends at school, too, and also the broader community, and I started to wonder what we could do to create opportunities and spread happiness too.

So, I decided to start a web-based clothing business, and Awebit Apparel was launched in December 2018. The growth of the business has been amazing, and we are humbled and inspired by the incredible encouragement and goodwill that we have found through our thousands of social media followers and our growing band of happy and supportive customers.

Now that the business is up and running, Ash works in it with me part-time, and it will be there for him when he’s finished school. As well as selecting some of our designs, Ash helps pack orders and he loves to choose the music soundtrack we sing along with while we work. As the business grows, we’ll be able to hire some of Ash’s friends too, so that they will also have the opportunity to shine.

Our products

We supply fun and funky apparel and accessories for babies, toddlers & kids.  We have a range of trusted suppliers, and we go through their products very selectively to choose the ones we want. We have a myriad of on-trend designs that are affordable, stylish and most of all, FUN!

We design and create a product line of our own too, which is our Awebit Animal Undies. Ash is in charge of picking the animal designs that go on them, and he has a knack for choosing designs that our buyers absolutely love.

Our customers tell us we sell awesome stuff and use words like ‘funky, adorable, and super-cute’ to describe their purchases. We love knowing we have happy, satisfied customers and – the best thing is – because of them, we get to give back to people who are in need and create more of those beautiful smiles.

Our mission

We have BIG dreams and have made a commitment to help families who need resources and to employ people who may not fit into the ‘usual’ mould, but who have unique talents and abilities that are just waiting to be expressed and developed.

So, we are on a HUGE mission to create opportunities for special needs children and adults so that we can see more smiles. In our own small way, we are determined to make an impact on our corner of the world and change the way people view others with autism.


How we help others

We donate 10% of our earnings to kids and adults with special needs. So that we can make sure the funds go straight to where they’re needed, we donate directly to the individual kids and adults we know are in need. That way, we can see how the money is helping them and that inspires us to help others even more. As our business grows, so too will the amount that we are able to give to others so that they can also use their talents, be included, and find purpose, pride and joy in what they do.

We are Awebit Apparel, and we’re in the business of creating smiles.