How we give back


One of our main reasons for starting Awebit Apparel was to help other people. We strongly believe in a ‘service to others’ attitude where we can pay forward some of the support we are so grateful to receive. We are all part of a community, and giving back to that community is the way to make it thrive – for all of us.

We donate 10% of our earnings to kids and adults who need some extra help because we believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the satisfaction and dignity that being included and respected provides. As Awebit grows, our service to others is able to grow too, and our goal is to be able to provide a positive working environment for people with differing abilities so that they can all have the chance to shine.

We do not donate that money to charities, because we prefer a more personal approach that we can fully control. We donate directly to the individual kids and adults who become Awebit recipients after we’ve researched what they need and how we can help. That way, we are able to make sure that EVERY dollar goes to the right cause, rather than being used up on admin or running costs. It also lets us see how the money is helping our recipients, and that inspires us to help others even more.

We help special needs people with many different requirements. Sometimes we help provide funds for therapies or mobility devices, or to cover the costs of attending courses or camps. The money may be used to assist parents who need extra help because they are juggling part-time work with caring for young children. Sometimes we help someone who has a special dream they want to fulfil, and we always feel very privileged to be able to help that dream become a reality.

The possibilities are endless, and if you know an amazing person you think could do with a helping hand, drop us a line at: